Thursday, February 21, 2008

getting my muse back

Cheers to the new layout :) Finally made one for this blogspot however simple it may be. Hand-coded a classic template from scratch because I don’t how to make one on Blogger Beta (boo, XML). Needless to say, I’m pretty much satisfied with how this turned out. So who cares if my codes are a mess, LOL. (And I still have to put something in place of the Lorem ipsum on the sidebar.)

Sometime last year, I posted about having some sort of a block thus resorting to freely distributed layouts on the web (with a few tweaks here and there). I also said something about needing a new (own) layout, and what it had to do with the rarity of posts.

Maybe now, I’d find myself updating this more often. :P


karmi said...

me love your new layout! :)

-- karmi

ic3sk8r said...

naks naman.. sariling sikap na layout.. =)

-- ic3sk8r