Monday, May 05, 2008

the weekend in threes

After a stressful week at work (much thanks to you, Big G), I tried not to think of SERPs and the dreaded 40% as much as I could. I somehow managed to relax and de-stress during the weekend, so yay. No retail therapy included. :P

Sunday was of lights and loops and a makeshift snow hill. We made a quick trip to Star City, my first time there. Went to Snow World and stayed inside for about 15 minutes until our fingers were numb. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that we already have a hanging roller coaster here in the country, the Star Flyer. The ride only took about less than a minute though, pft.

Monday was of sleep and food, glorious food. Finally satiated my craving, and had my fill of sashimi. So much for Operation: Stick-Thin. Haha.

Tomorrow, it’s back to reality again. I’m really just grateful for weekends. :)

New flickr set: Three's a Company, a brainchild to replace the discontinued Project 365.

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