Monday, December 31, 2007

last post for 2007

It is the last day of the year, and I had this urge to come up with a list. So yeah, 2007 highlights (or something like that):
  • twenty-third birthday in Baguio with my family and the boyfriend
  • Holy Week long drive up north with the boyfriend
  • career shift; resigning from my first real job; being an accidental SEO (haha)
  • impulsive gadget-shopping (which I actually do NOT regret)
  • fifth anniversary
  • spending quality time with my parents
  • countless episodes of Quarter Life Crisis
  • death of my paternal grandmother; seeing my cousins again after what seemed like a very long time
  • losing my cat Barfield and my dog Maki
  • going to the Switchfoot concert without a camera on hand
  • spending most of my time online >_< (this, I kind-of regret :P)
  • getting back to (public) blogging after years
  • winning moment at the company Christmas party; The Way I Are = song of the year HAHA
  • buying a domain

It may not seem much, but the year's been good. Definitely better than last year. :)

Made a backup of my previous entries and cleared everything here. New year, new beginnings, and I'm starting with a clean slate. :)

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