Thursday, September 18, 2008

the JamLegend fever

I heard of it first from my best friend. It was one fine day at Plurk when she started raving about JamLegend. I didn't take note of it until she posted that she had extra invites. I asked for one, aaand... a few days hours after joining, I got hooked. I even bought a cheapo USB keyboard I can attach to my laptop just for this purpose.

JamLegend is like Guitar Hero, only ten times better. It's accessible to practically anyone: all you need is a reliable net connection, a trusty keyboard and good speakers. It is easily another reason to spend (waste?) more time online. It is free, but since it's still on private beta stage, membership is by invitation only (I still have 2 invites). JamLegend features songs from new artists, and the list gets updated every now and then.

As for me, I'm stuck with 3 songs that I have yet to master. I still can't play past the Easy level. First time I tried Mulholland in Medium, I got booed. Oh well.

Jam Mode on The Lauren Theory
Playing on Jam Mode
(picture from Dellwood)

There are programs similar to this game that can be played offline (e.g. Frets on Fire), but what I like about JamLegend is the ranking system and the possibility of challenging your friends to a duel or a showdown. It's Guitar Hero meets MMO meets Web 2.0.

(And I almost got myself a DS Lite last month just so I can play Guitar Hero: On Tour.)


Andrew said...

Thanks for the mention.

We really appreciate the feedback about JamLegend. Let us know by e-mail at or at whatever we can do to make the game better for you and your friends.

Oh, and invite a lot and I would suggest try creating a showdown to play against each other at the same time!

Lei said...

Wow parang gusto ko nyan :) Naiinggit nga ako dun sa Guitar Hero e. I wanna buy a Nintendo Wii dahil lang dun pero syempre baka mapagsawaan ko at masayang ang pera hihi

pandachrisa said...

Oh. Halow there, what's your username on Jamlegend? I play it to. Hope that you reply back!